The Space
We have created two unique and beautiful spaces at Wandering William - the Owl Barn and the Yurt positioned on opposite sides of the Zen garden.

Both are versatile spaces which can be used for any number of activities including yoga, pilates, tai-chi, reiki, personal development work, lectures, presentations, seminars, art classes, singing, music and dance workshops, performances - virtually anything in fact!

In developing these spaces, we did not have a specific aim as to what should happen here but were instead inspired by the idea of creating a simple, warm, environment as a backdrop for learning and having fun, a place where ideas can arise and flow freely, a place where anything is possible, a place to free the spirit!

Both spaces may be rented along with the holiday accommodation to provide the perfect venue for a group to learn new skills or work on a project in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere away from the stresses of day to day living.

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